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How to get Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Great news guys and girls! I’ve done it, I’ve finally found a place giving away how to get free xbox live!  I don’t have to worry about running out of xbox live right before the release of a new game or having to watch my friends have fun while my broke self can’t afford xbox live. Nope, those days are gone. I just snagged me a 12 month xbox live gold membership in less than 2 minutes. Don’t believe me? check the screenshot below. The website is http://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk

(Complete with time stamp and everything. pretty cool huh?)

how to get free xbox live

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I punched that code into my xbox live account and lo and behold 12 months of gold. In the past I never had success getting free xbox live codes from others, I couldn’t even get a free xbox live 48 hour trial, and here I stumble uponhttp://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk and am able to get 12 months of gold that quick.

Final say on getting how to get free xbox live

If your strapped for cash and have an xbox, then you are no doubt looking for how to get free xbox live. Well your troubles are over. Just head on over to the howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree and grab yourself a code. You have the option to choose from 1 month, 3 months or 12 months depending on whats available at the time, Oh and the best part is there is no download required, so you don’t have to worry about getting a virus or any of that junk. One important thing I’d like to say is please do not abuse the website and take more codes than you need. We have a great thing going here and it would be a shame if they had to stop all because of the actions of some greedy people, so please be considerate of others. For us getting how to get free xbox live is a dream come true, but remember it costs http://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk whenever we get these codes so keep that in mind. I noticed that they usually restock their site with codes every 2-3 days so if you find that there aren’t any how to get free xbox live available, check back later. You gotta be quick, good luck!

Free 48 hour xbox live

Alright quick update! I was able to get my hands on several of those 48 hour xbox live codes, they’re not ideal but they’re better than nothing. I got them over at http://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk this site claims they had a huge stock of these from the ones you get in your xbox games for free, so I I jumped on them and  got some free 48 hour xbox live codes thanks to this place. If your xbox live gold membership is expired then check this place out for xbox live codes.  Here’s an image he posted to Facebook a few days ago.
free 48 hour xbox live

I’m honestly not a big fan these free 48 hour xbox live trials, I would personally opt for the 1, 3, or 12 month codes while your at it. However I’m sure many people have their reason as to why they want 48 hour xbox live trials. He was giving these out as mentioned earlier because of his huge stock of them so he may or may not still have some, but it’s worth a shot to check and see. I’ve had huge success with this website as you can see here I was able to get 12 months of gold. So if you’re in need of free xbox live gold codes this place will have you covered for that as well. Click here to visit the official site

Free 48 hour xbox live

Don’t be disappointed if he’s out of the 48 hour xbox live codes, as I said it was probably just a temporary thing. However do not fear! he always stocks up on 1 month 3 month and even 12 months of xbox live gold membership codes. As always please don’t take more codes than you need or he may have to stop the giveaways. I’m going to post up some more game play footage of myself and “Cataric109” later today so keep an eye out for that. Stay safe and have fun!

Is Xbox Live Free

Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d share with you one of my nifty little secrets to get free xbox live gold codes, as I know many of you ask the question “is xbox live free?”. So if your xbox live gold membership code has expired or need to help a broke buddy or yourself out then listen up! There’s this place called http://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk that will give away free xbox live gold codes. Not too many people know about it and that just breaks my heart to see such an awesome opportunity go to waste. The days of paying out of pocket and wondering where your next xbox live membership code will be coming from is long over, thanks to advertising partnerships and endorsement deals, websites like howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk have made it possible to subsidize xbox live gold codes and 48 hour xbox live trials to $0.00, more win for us! For those of you who just got your first xbox and wonder is xbox live free well now it is, your the lucky one in this era. Back in the 360 days we didn’t have a choice but to shell out cash fro xbox live when needed, once again those days are gone! Check the photo from his site below, visit his site here.
is xbox live free

check one of my recent scores and proof by clicking here

Is Xbox Live Free?

Yes, now it is! of course this works for both 360 and xbox one as it doesn’t matter which system you have. the only thing that matters is if you have an xbox live account that’s it. That’s your gamer tag for you folks out there. I know a lot of people have asked me if this place actually email the codes to you or if you download them. Well let me say first off that there is nothing to download, so no risk for a virus or any of that junk. Secondly, no he does not email the codes to you, what happens when you go to http://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk is you actually choose the length of your membership that you want, be it 1 month 3 or 12. From there he gives you the code with the last 5 digits covered fro security (someone standing behind you scenario). Finally you click “redeem” and the last 5 digits are revealed! That’s it, really fast and convenient no hassle to get free xbox live gold codes. Is Xbox Live Free.

Discounted xbox live gold codes?

No as far as I’m aware they’ve always been free, I’m not sure how his site worked before but there was never anything you had to pay. Not sure if that will change in the future but just so long people don’t abuse the system and grab a bunch of codes, we should be okay. If you go to http://howtogetxboxlivegoldforfree.tk and he doesn’t have any xbox live codes available don’t worry he usually restocks every week or so, just keep checking back. If you have any friends wondering “is xbox live free?” well tell them it is now, have fun guys and until next time! oh and don’t forget to watch out for my xbox live game play footage!